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[Taler] Systemd and logging

From: Samuel Jahnke
Subject: [Taler] Systemd and logging
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2022 10:42:22 -0400


I have recently started playing around with the taler software. Seems very promising, installation was actually a breeze with deployment/WIP/taler-local. Seems pretty complete to me! Thanks for your hard work!

But may I suggest managing the services with a slice?

--- a/bin/WIP/taler-local
+++ b/bin/WIP/taler-local
@@ -1059,0 +1060 @@ def prepare(x_forwarded_host, x_forwarded_proto, postgres_db_name):
+            "Slice=taler.slice\n"

Furthermore, if services logged to stdout, it would be superior in my opinion managing them with journalctl rather than log files.

Again, awesome project!

Samuel Jahnke

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