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Re: [Texmacs-dev] AltGr-Key and XFree86-4.3

From: Nix N. Nix
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] AltGr-Key and XFree86-4.3
Date: 03 Jun 2003 08:56:24 -0600

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 03:39, David Allouche wrote:
> KeyPress event, serial 27, synthetic NO, window 0x5000001,
>     root 0x3a, subw 0x5000002, time 24160612, (42,49), root:(1452,69),
>     state 0x80, keycode 18 (keysym 0x5d, bracketright), same_screen YES,
>     XLookupString gives 1 bytes:  "]"
> which tells us, that the state member variable of the structure XKeyEvent
> (which is used as the condition to assign non standard keys within
> TeXmacs) takes the value 0x80 = 128, which is smaller than 256. thus, this
> is my guess, TeXmacs will never assign a non standard character to a non
> standard key-press.

Well, on my US keyboard, I don't have an "AltGr" key, and I tried all
combinations of "Ctrl", "Alt", "Shift" and "Windoze", and none of them
produces 0x80.  "Windoze" sets the state 0x40, which is the highest
state value my keyboard can produce (aside from
"Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Windoze", of course, which is simply an OR, and is

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