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[Texmacs-dev] TeXmacs for Windows - bug reports

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] TeXmacs for Windows - bug reports
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:29:35 -0400


Ok, I am back. I am using the same protocol as before.

I start TeXmacs and immediately go the the Configuration
option under Help. I cursor around there for a while
(pretending to worry about how to modify the cursor).
Then I try various menu options that "might" have
something to do with this such as "view", and "edit
preferences". Then I open a new document and start
typing some test text. I do this for a while and then
I start pointing at various tool buttons at the top
of the window, reading each pop-up text. Etc. etc.
After about 1 minute or two a failure occurs.

I started texmacswin32.exe from the command line with
the --debuglog option (or at least I tried to :-()
The first time I just entered -debuglog and it did
not produce a log file, but instead I got the following

 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
   Runtime Error!
   Program: C:\Program Files\TeXmacs\texmacswin32.exe
   - pure virtual function call

and TeXmacs quits. I looked for the log file (there
was none) then I realized my error.

On the next attempt I started texmacswin32 again from
the command line, this time with the correct --debuglog
option. I repeated my test protocol as described above.
This time it took longer (it sometimes does) but eventually
I got the "silent abort" effect. TeXmacs just quit.

But now I look at the log file and this is what I got


TeXmacs] Loading hyphen.us
TeXmacs] Loading texmath.syx
TeXmacs] Loading math.enc
TeXmacs] Loading cmr.enc
TeXmacs] Loading cmmi.enc
TeXmacs] Loading cmsy.enc
TeXmacs] Loading msam.enc
TeXmacs] Loading msbm.enc
TeXmacs] Loading stmary.enc
TeXmacs] Loading wasy.enc
TeXmacs] LoadinTeXmacs] Loading ectt11 at 300 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading ectt11.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading ectt11.300pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmcsc10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmcsc10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmcsc10.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmtt10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmtt10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmtt10.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmr10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx10.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx17 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx17.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx10.1020pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmr17 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmr17.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmr17.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmr7 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmr7.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmr7.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmr7 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmss10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmss10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmss10.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmsy10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmsy10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmsy10.600pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx14 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx14.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmbx10.840pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmr14 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmr14.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmr10.840pk
TeXmacs] Loading cmmi10 at 600 dpi
TeXmacs] Loading cmmi10.tfm
TeXmacs] Loading cmmi10.600pk

tuple (mouse_event, enter, tuple (4, -5)) was sent to
| text
| | Make a page insertion
Fatal error: widget was not yet attached to window in

I hope this helps you to see what is going wrong.
Perhaps these are two separate problems?

Bill Page.


> > [Bill Page]
> >Second, I do seem to have a strange problem that
> >I am having trouble duplicating on demand. After
> >poking around at the tool bar and loading some help
> >text (e.g. configuration), then looking around for
> >some way to change the cursor, giving up and then
> >open a new document and entering a sentence or two,
> >suddenly texmacs exits, no reason or error message
> >given. Just gone. It has happened twice now under
> >more or less the same circumstances but I am still
> >not able to make it happen reliably. Sometimes I
> >can work for 15 minutes or more before it happens.
> >Other times it might have in the first 30 seconds.
> >Any idea about how I can give you more useful
> >feedback?
> I will look into this.  I have not however seen this
> problem. The best thing I can suggest is to try and
> make it happen with the --debuglog option to see if any
> errors were given before the crash.  Most likely there
> will be as I am pretty sure TeXmacs is exiting gracefully
> through it's fatal_error() method.  This produces error
> messages.  If it was exiting through an address fault or
> some other fatal operations, windows would most likely
> generate an error message, and on XP you would get the bug
> report screen.

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