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[Texmacs-dev] Responder: Re: TeXmacs Powered CAS documentation

From: offray . luna
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Responder: Re: TeXmacs Powered CAS documentation
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 17:25:56 -0500

Hi all,

Thanks for your kind responses. Some comments below

----- Original Message -----
De: Ayal Pinkus <address@hidden>
Fecha: Domingo, Julio 6, 2003 10:02 am
Asunto: Re: TeXmacs Powered CAS documentation


> It might be important to know that Yacas has its own mark-up
> language in which we 'define' the documentation. If you look in
> the manmake/ directory, in the *.txt files, you will see the 
> documentation
> right there. We then use a combination of Perl and some Yacas
> scripts to convert to for instance: html, pdf and ps. The 
> documentationtools and the mark-up language are also documented. So 
> if we can
> find a mapping from our mark-up primitives to TeXMacs primitives
> it should not be too hard to convert our documentation to TeXMacs
> form.

The path I follow in present moment is to use the HTML version of Yacas
help opened in TeXmacs and then change the Yacas code sections of HTML
doc with Yacas sessions inside TeXmacs. I know this is a very
"handycraft aproach" to the problem (but is working ;) ) and in the
translation we cant automatize the process so handycraft work is fine.
May be we need some kind of tags at the future to keep versions
sincroniced, something similar to the SysTrans software system. That
tags will be useful to use TeXmacs in translation projects. In this way
you can have some kind of control to know wich paragraph correspond with
wich one in the translated version (just and idea).

> Regarding internationalization; I know this is important for users
> in countries like Germany, Spain, France... We need to think of
> a way to completely translate the system and keep the translated
> version up to date. Commercial CAS don't seem to be able to do
> this, maybe we can ;-) The php team have a very nice scheme, where
> people can collaborate to add documentation, but also to provide
> translated versions of certain pages. This probably works well
> with a project with many users, and with a web application that
> supports this.

Seems a nice idea using the Web. I have no a permanent access to it (and
most people in LatinAmerica eigther). So I will propose something like
Coda or Intermezzo over CVS. And you're right about the fact that
Internationalization is not a very well handed issue in comercial CAS (I
dont know the first one with help in spanish for example) and is a big
advantage of Free/Open-Source Software.

> Any way, Joris, at least I will see you at LSM next week ;-)
> Back to preparing my talk.
> Best wishes,
> Ayal

Cheers and good luck with the LSM Talk (nice to see the doc about it in
the future).


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