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[Texmacs-dev] Re: Logo TeXmacs

From: Felix Breuer
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Re: Logo TeXmacs
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:33:51 +0200

Am 26.8.2004 schrieb "Joris van der Hoeven" <address@hidden>:

>Hi *,
>Johann Dreo has made several very nice drawings for us.
>Please look at the bottom of
>       http://nojhan.free.fr/galerie/
>and tell us what you think.

I really like the Einstein/Gnu idea but I don't like the look of the
drawing. I can't quite say why.

The chip idea is also not bad. But what symbol to put on it? I think the
word "TeXmacs" is simply too long for an icon. And sigma is the
"canonical" symbol for software that has something to do with
formulas. But what does sigma have to do with TeXmacs in particular?
(And why is it the wrong way around in the logos?)

What symbol/character/letter could stand for TeXmacs? One thing that is
really special about TeXmacs is its <x|y|z> notation for Scheme
expressions. So why not use "<|>" (with angles instead of "less" and
"greater") as symbol(s) for TeXmacs? "<>" (with "less" and
"greater") might bring XML to mind (which should *not* be confused
with TeXmacs' trees) but with the use of angles and the "|" in
between it would be sufficiently different.

Also this could be combined well with the word "TeXmacs": In banners
for example one could write <TeX|macs>. I think I will make some
sketches and put them up on the web in the next days.


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