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Re: [Texmacs-dev] i'm adding game theory extentions to texmacs, but cert

From: bump
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] i'm adding game theory extentions to texmacs, but certain postscript files wont load...
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 11:45:44 -0800

> Hey everyone.  Today I'm trying to hack in a quick solution so I can
> create "extended normal form" graphs for game thoery.  I'll announce
> my solution when i'm done.
> Everything is working well, except that certain postscript files (i.e.
> the ones *I* generate) won't load in texmacs, but will load in
> ghostscript and ghostview.  I've attached the files that don't load. 
> I'm thinking that maybe since the pictures are defined as 8-1/2 by 11
> sized pictures, and after adding a border, texmacs can't figure where
> to put the pagebreak since it's larger then a page, so it just buts it
> as a empty 1 inch by 1 inch box.  If that's it, it's not a problem,
> cause i'm working on figuring out how to reduce the size of the
> postscript page that i'm generating anyway.   However if it's
> something more fundamental like that TeXmacs dosn't handle
> poscript-3.0 files, while ghostscript does hadnle them, then i should
> probably stop this approach and try something else.
> Any suggestions?

I usually make postscript files using metapost, then process
them with the utility mps2eps available at:


The following metapost file duplicates your graph:

sx:=100; sy:=100;
draw z0--z1;
draw z0--z2;
draw z0--z3;

Running metapost on this makes a ps file, and you
can load it in TeXmacs. It is short and sweet:

%%BoundingBox: -1 -101 101 101 
%%Creator: MetaPost
%%CreationDate: 2002.09.06:1231
%%Pages: 1
%%Page: 1 1
 0 0.5 dtransform truncate idtransform setlinewidth pop [] 0 setdash
 1 setlinecap 1 setlinejoin 10 setmiterlimit
newpath 0 0 moveto
100 100 lineto stroke
newpath 0 0 moveto
100 0 lineto stroke
newpath 0 0 moveto
100 -100 lineto stroke

So mps2eps is not needed for this. However as soon as you 
start adding TeX labels to the document you want the 
utility mps2eps.

Daniel Bump

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