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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Drawing mode: eukleides?

From: Henri Lesourd
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Drawing mode: eukleides?
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 02:44:52 +0100
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Henri Lesourd wrote:

Wow, ... what if you could link the drawing to a program that does the
math and draws several frames as the system changes?

This is something you can probably do right now with a Scheme
program using a timer, that would update the drawing when
the clock ticks (although I don't know exactly if timers
are available in Guile, but as far as I can remember,
they implement UNIX signals, so you could perhaps
use SIGALRM). To do this, you would perhaps also
need to run a fresh thread, it depends. In such
a context, it remains to be seen if the Guile
interpreter implements an SRFI for threads. Its
quite possible, but perhaps not ; anyway, another
solution which is always feasible (but a little
bit crap) would be to implement a plugin in C
that starts the thread you need for running the
beat of your clockticks.

I had a look on :

, and it appears that thread support comes with SRFI #18.

I then had a look at :

and uh, they seem to say that SRFI #18 is **not** implemented
in Guile. But the strange thing is that on :

, there is something available for threads. I tried, and in
effect, using the appropriate (use-modules), I can currently
get the (make-thread) macro.

But unfortunately, it remains definitely impossible to
have any access to (call-with-new-thread), which is the
basic thread primitive :-(.

So is some thread support available in Guile ? I don't know.

Any information about that would be welcomed :-).

Best, Henri

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