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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Documentation corrections/remarks

From: Nicolas Girard
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Documentation corrections/remarks
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 14:25:01 +0100
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here are some corrections / remarks to the english TeXmacs documentation:



1. replace all occurences of "accessability" with "accessibility":

$ grep -ri accessability .
./doc/about/changes/change-log.en.tm:    <item>Improved cursor accessability 
handling (
./doc/devel/format/basics/typesetting.en.tm:  macros are sometimes easier to 
write, but the more accessability is
./doc/devel/format/basics/tm-drd.en.tm:  properties like accessability, 
inline-ness, <abbr|etc.> are quite
./doc/devel/format/basics/tm-drd.en.tm:    <item>The accessability of a tag 
and its children.
./doc/devel/format/basics/tm-drd.de.tm:  wie Veränderbarkeit (accessability), 
Blockinhalt, Zeileninhalt von einander
./doc/devel/format/basics/tm-drd.de.tm:    <item>Die Erreichbarkeit 
(accessability) eines Konstrukts und seiner
./doc/devel/format/stylesheet/prim-control.en.tm:      tricky due to the fact 
that the accessability of arguments cannot
./doc/devel/format/stylesheet/prim-control.en.tm:      accessability may lead 
to the positioning of the cursor at unaccessible
./doc/devel/format/stylesheet/prim-style-misc.en.tm:    It has been foreseen 
that the accessability of the macro arguments

2. in doc/devel/format/basics/lengths.en.tm:

2.1 replace in line 70

2.2 replace in line 73

2.3 As stated, "When setting the page-flexibility to 0 stretchable spaces
    become rigid."

    If one take for example a stretchable space as <tmlen|10000|20000|30000>,
    the above sentence doesn't make it clear, at least to me, wether the space
    will behave as a rigid 10000 tmpt space or as a rigid 20000 tmpt space.
    Perhaps an additional explanation or sample would be useful ?

3. In doc/devel/format/stylesheet/stylesheet.en.tm:

3.1 The following undocumented properties set by <drd-props> may be 
- hidden
- border

3.2 The following pattern is often used in the standard stylesheet:
  It may be useful to include it as a sample to the documentation and explain
  its use

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