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[Texmacs-dev] Issues about extensive changes to table editing in

From: Norbert Nemec
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Issues about extensive changes to table editing in
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 10:44:34 +0100
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I just changed from TeXmacs 1.0.6 to TeXmacs and found documents
scrambled. Thorough investigation turned up that with table
editing was extensively reworked. It seems, that this was at least in
part a reaction to suggestions that I made a while ago. Finding that
this was the reason behind my scrambled documents, I am absolutely
satisfied and thankful and take back all the criticism that I never
really spoke out loud. :-)

In principle the changes in the table handling are very satisfying.
However, there seem to be a few rough edges that need fine tuning (or
simply explaining?)

* The menu item "Cell/Special properties/Hyphenation/Multi-paragraph"
has been removed. How do I change a cell to Multi-paragraph mode now?
Simply pressing <enter> does not work. One clumsy way I found out was to
switch to "Hyphenation/Top", then press <enter> inside the cell, then
change back to "Hyphenation/Off" again. My suggestion would have been to
make <enter> work in "Hyphenation/Off" mode just in the same way as in
the other modes. For entering new columns, the <Alt>-<down> key work

* Cell Hyphenation does not seem to work as it used to: Previously, a
hyphenated cell would be limited in width to the column width (which was
determined by the widest un-hyphenated column, unless specified
otherwise.) Now, cell-hyphenation does not seem to do anything any more.
The attached document demonstrates this difference in rendering between
1.0.6 and




  The following table is rendered differently in TeXmacs 1.0.6 and in TeXmacs


  cell>>|<row|<cell|hyphenated cell containing lots of text: \ ljadfs öljk
  \ fsdalkjöfsdajklö adsfjkl öf dsajklöadsflkjö \ adsfjl kö adsf kjlöfdsa j
  lköfsda asdf>>>>>



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