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Re: [Texmacs-dev] How to use Git?

From: Sam Liddicott
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] How to use Git?
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 20:42:07 -0000

My only tip is that you probably don't want to git pull but rather git fetch.

Take the other advice and follow a couple of online tutorials and FAQs. Once 
you do that the git irc Chanel is helpful.


Miguel de Benito Delgado <address@hidden> wrote:

>To put it as succinctly as you have, now I repeat my answer: &quot;Just look 
>for some tutorial on the web, there are hundreds.&quot;As to the question that 
>cannot be answered by those tutorials, namely should you fetch from SVN, I 
>guess refreshing from there might get you newer stuff, since the git 
>repository is maintained by Massimiliano alone who, for instance, is going to 
>be away one week.
>________________Miguel de  Benito.
>2010/12/26 Victor Porton &lt;address@hidden&gt;
>26.12.2010, 20:52, &quot;Miguel de Benito Delgado&quot; &lt;address@hidden&gt;:
>&gt; You don&#39;t need to create a repository on gitorious for your own work. 
>Just &quot;git clone&quot; the repository and work there. To update your copy 
>from the remote use &quot;git pull&quot;. Then &quot;git add&quot;, &quot;git 
>rm&quot;, etc. and &quot;git commit&quot; let you work on your copy. Remember 
>that git&#39;s decentralized. You don&#39;t need access to the server to 
>commit stuff. You commit locally. If after a while you have a changeset that 
>you think is worth reviewing by the maintainer of the project then you have 
>&quot;git format-patch&quot; and &quot;git send-mail&quot; or  &quot;git 
>diff&quot;, etc.
>&gt; Just look for some tutorial on the web, there are hundreds.
>Joris refused to accept my &quot;option groups&quot; patch. So I need to fork 
>that it to create a repository.
>Now I repeat my questions:
>I created my own repository on gitorious.org 
>(http://gitorious.org/~porton/texmacs/texmacs-porton) and doubt what to do 
>From Gitorius:
>To recreate a live working copy (you need svn+ssh access to savannah):
># init working copy t
>mkdir t
>cd t
>git init
>git fetch -f address@hidden:texmacs/texmacs.git 
>git checkout -b master trunk
># init git-svn
>git svn init -s svn+ssh://address@hidden/texmacs
># fetch from svn
>git svn rebase
># push changes to this repository
>git push --mirror address@hidden:texmacs/texmacs.git
>When I am going to develop, should I fetch first with SVN as explained above? 
>Or to work with Git only?
>Could you kindly provide me with a template of the shell commands I need to 
>Victor Porton - http://portonvictor.org
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