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[Texmacs-dev] Qt5 version

From: TeXmacs
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Qt5 version
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 17:02:49 +0100
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Dear all,

I resumed work on the Qt5 version (the main remaining problems being for MacOS).
I attached a list of problem that I ran into.
Any help would be appreciated.

Best wishes, --Joris


Color problems 

The most annoying problem with the Qt5 version under MacOS is that the colors
of various widget elements are incorrect. This problem is most important when
using the “Dark mode”.

It is fairly difficult to understand for me how these things work precisely in
Qt and in the implementation by Max and Miguel, so help here would be welcome.

It would probably be best to abstract things a bit and to introduce a routine

QPalette tm_palette ();

for obtaining the TeXmacs color palette and consistently use this for all
widgets. In order to make things customizable, we might also introduce an

enum gui_color { GUI_DARK, GUI_LIGHT, …};

with the TeXmacs counterparts for QPalette::Dark, QPalette::Light, etc. We
also need the corresponding converters

color as_color (gui_color col);
QColor as_qcolor (gui_color col);

and maybe an initialization routine

init_gui_colors ();

that could read some of the values from Qt defaults (which could be different
in light and dark mode) or from the user preferences.

Here follow some specific problems for the current implementation (MacOS

•  (dark mode) background too dark for wait widget.

•  (dark mode) font browser: selected backgrounds are too dark (by the way,
they are grey instead of blue, but become blue when one clicks on them, before
returning to grey . . . ) and so are the borders of the TeXmacs-output widget.

•  (dark mode) Insert→Session→Other ↝ very dark background for widget.

•  (dark mode) color menus on toolbars ↝ very dark background for widget.

•  (dark mode) Help→Search→Source code ↝ very dark background for widget.

•  When selecting “non native menubar” in Preferences→Other (SVN version of
TeXmacs), the color of the menu bar is ugly (too light).

•  (dark mode) When pressing an icon on the toolbars, the pressed color is too

Other problems

•  Document→Colors→Background: the colored entries do not work; they do work
in the pulldown menus for colors via the toolbars.

•  In the top-level menu for an empty document, click on Tools→Macros and note
that Create context macro and Create table macro are greyed out. Now don't
release the mouse button, click on Tools→Keyboard, and then go back to
Tools→Macros; at this point, Create context macro and Create table macro are
no longer greyed out.

•  Open a pulldown menu on one of the toolbars. Then click elsewhere on the
toolbars; the pulldown menu icon remains highlighted until you hover the mouse
over it.

•  The svg extension is not added to the list of supported formats when
browsing image files. But SVG images do work (when changing the filter to

•  I could not manage to make the resize the toolbars in an appropriate way.
By default, the icons and the fonts are a bit too small, but the retina
versions are way too large. Note that the SVG versions of the icons seem to
work in Qt5, but I still did not manage to get them at arbitrary sizes.

•  Denis (Raux) and Jean-Marc (Notin) managed to compile TeXmacs for ARM (an
Apple M1 based Mac Mini), using Qt 5.12. The native Mac menu again seems to
trigger a lot of segfaults, especially when opening documentation using the
Help menu. This problem disappears when using the non-native menubars
(Preferences→Other, SVN version of TeXmacs).

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