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[Texmacs-dev] Plans for TeXmacs 2.1.1

From: TeXmacs
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Plans for TeXmacs 2.1.1
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2021 00:41:29 +0100
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Dear all,

I made quite some progress on the Qt5 version.
There are still several annoying issues:

  1) There remains a major bug with the native menus under MacOS.
     They produce random but quite frequent crashes.
     Of course, we could decide to simply drop the native menus,
     after which there would be no major bugs for the Qt version.
     But it would be nicer if this problem could be solved.

  2) There is an annoying issue with QComboBox:
     when using 'Edit -> Preferences -> User interface theme -> Dark',
     'View -> Retina settings -> Scale graphical interface -> 1.5',
     and then opening 'Document -> Font', the vertical spacing of
     the pulldown menu 'Standard' is incorrect.
     The bug is most prominent for large 'scales',
     but it is also present for the default scale.
     It seems to be due to the way Max creates the widgets:
     at creation time, the parents are not always known,
     whence the style can be incorrect and somehow
     some of the parameters for the popup menu seem to
     get frozen at the creation time (and not updated when
     the widget obtains a parent).  I am not fluent enough
     with Qt and Max' implementation to understand what I should do.
     The bug is not critical, but it is annoying; I would like to
     understand if there is something we can do.

  3) The retina support remains complex, especially when it comes to icons.
     Icons in the widgets (instead of on the toolbars) don't get scaled
     when changing 'Scale graphical interface'.  Also, it is not clear
     for me how to use the svg versions of the icons so that
     they automatically get scaled and so that we use appropriate
     retina versions of the icons.  I guess that we have to keep
     a lot of bells and whistles for the moment for the retina support.
     That said, this is mainly a major implementation nuisance.
     With a bit of patience, we can at least avoid any major bugs.

  4) I still have to do a lot of fine-tuning for Windows and Linux.

At any rate, the Qt5 version still has to be tested a lot before
we can make it official for MacOS and Windows.  So this will not happen
for version 2.1.1, but maybe for version 2.1.2.

Best wishes, --Joris

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