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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Experimental packages (experience with building on Fre

From: Kostas Oikonomou
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Experimental packages (experience with building on FreeBSD)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 17:46:08 -0500
User-agent: Evolution 3.42.0 FreeBSD GNOME Team

I'm happy to say that svn version 13819M builds fine on FreeBSD 13 using

configure --prefix=/opt/texmacs/2.1-svn --with-qt

and with the default compiler, clang 11. Now a report on how it is working.

First, it's great to see that C-x b finally works!

Second, the main problem is that all plugins segfault immediately upon invocation.
The simplest example is the shell plugin.  I found that the call


in src/src/Plugins/Qt/QTMPipeLink.cpp is what causes the segfault.  [There is no problem with utf8_to_qstring(cmd).]

In trying to fix this, I fixed a couple of deprecation warnings: in QTMPipeLink.cpp it seems that

QStringList args = {};
QProcess::start(utf8_to_qstring(cmd), args);

is now needed (also with #include <QStringList>).

And in src/src/Plugins/Qt/qt_pipe_link.cpp:150 we need

Q_PID pid = PipeLink.processId ();

But these didn't solve the problem.

The Qt pipe code is complicated.   I know that FreeBSD is not a supported platform, 
but any suggestions for debugging this process/pipe problem would be greatly appreciated.


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