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[Tiger-devel] New stable release: Tiger 3.2

From: Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
Subject: [Tiger-devel] New stable release: Tiger 3.2
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 23:33:46 +0200
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A new release of Tiger, version 3.2, has recently been published, and is 
available now at Savannah:

This release is considered 'stable' (substituting the 2.2.4 version). Tiger
3.2 fixes some security vulnerabilities (a buffer overflow in realpath.c
detected by and unsafe use of 'eval' in some of the checks and utils),
provides seven more checks and also fixes bugs present in previous
releases. Some other new features are:

- an 'ignore' mechanism similar to logcheck's that permits the generation 
of flexible OS baselines based on regular expressions. (Suggested baselines 
will be provided in the future)

- a new installation and configuration mechanism to ease the process of 
installing Tiger

- more documentation, including information on the expected roadmap (in the 
TODO file) and the information sources used to improve Tiger.

For more information on the fixes and new checks please read the 'CHANGES' 

Users of previous versions of Tiger are encouraged to upgrade to this new 
release. Please also forward any bug reports to the Savannah bug interface 
for this project:


Javier Fernandez-Sanguino

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