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Re: [Tiger-devel] [PATCH] updated password checks for Linux and HP-UX

From: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino
Subject: Re: [Tiger-devel] [PATCH] updated password checks for Linux and HP-UX
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:44:14 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:
Hello all,

The attached patch does the following:

        * Add a duplicate user home directory check.

Very nice.

        * Add an acceptable cryptographic hash check.


        * Do not check for malformed password entries if PWCK is defined 
(redundant check)

Sounds ok.

        * Modify PWCK check to work with HP-UX's pwck. (HP-UX always returns 
with an error code 0)

Thanks for testing and fixing this.

        * Identify the password hashes in HP-UX (Trusted and un-trusted mode)
        * Identify passwords hases in Linux when not using shadow passwords.

This is interesting (and not something I have investigated myself too much) I will have to check other UNIX variants to see how shadow is implemented and if check_password behaves properly there.

This patch are built on top the patches I have already submitted to the debian 
bug tracking system.
If this is not convienent, let me know and I will re-diff against the source of 
your choice.

No problem. All of those patches are already in the CVS (maybe with some slight changes), I have not closed the bugs because there is not yet an upstream release in which to base a new Debian package.

Also for administrative purposes, do you prefer lots of smaller patches, or 
larger patches that
focus on one area (i.e. passwords).

If it fixes a bug or add a new functionality that has to modify many places (like this bug) I don't mind large patches. I don't mind you to send many small patches fixing different bugs, I will review wether they are appropiate or not and include them. I usually first include the original patches and then re-patch them so the person who submitted them can check in the CVS the differences in the file with his patch added and with my changes (to better understand why I changed this).

I am willing to do either :)

This patch has been tested on HP-UX 11.11, 11.00, 10.20, Debian Linux, and 
RedHat Linux.

Thanks and feedback/discussion welcome!

Thanks for your work!


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