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[Tiger-devel] Merge update and problems with check_logfiles merge.

From: Ryan Bradetich
Subject: [Tiger-devel] Merge update and problems with check_logfiles merge.
Date: 27 Jun 2003 01:17:51 -0600

Hello all,

I have managed to sync up my local tree against the current CVS HEAD. 
The only file that requires a non-trivial merge was the

My origional patch was submitted to the Debian bug tracking system,
before I found out this list is a better place to submit changes.  The
patch can be found at:

Not all of the patch was applied, so please ignore the rest of this
email if the patch is still in the process of being applied.

My first concern is with this piece of code:

        if [ "$OS" = "Linux" ] ; then
        # Loginlog and btmp do not exist

I agree that the LOGINLOG does not appear to be present under Linux, 
but BTMP definately is.  By default the BTMP file is not present, but
if the file is created, bad login data will be stored in the file.

The Linux lastb man page specifies:

        The files wtmp and btmp might not be found. The system only     logs
information in these files if they are present. This is a
        local configuration issue. If you want the files to be used,
        they can be created with a simple touch(1) command  (for
        example, touch /var/log/wtmp).

The next section I need has the HP-UX specific logfiles.  I see the way 
to modify which files are present has changes slightly, no problem I can
regenerate a patch in that format once agree on the patch contents :)

The next section is the permission check for the BTMP files was not
added :)  Generally the permissions on the BTMP file need to be tighter
then the permissions on the WTMP file since bad logins can be passwords
if the users types in a password instead of the username.

The WTMP, LOGINLOG, UTMP, LASTLOG, and MESSAGES do not check to see if
the variables are defined to a file before throwing an error, claiming
the file does not exist.  Arguably the WTMP and UTMP will be present on
all systems, but according to the lastb man page WTMP is a local
configuration option as well.  HP-UX only has WTMP, UTMP, and BTMP
defined, and Tru64 only has WTMP and UTMP defined.  I think it is a good
idea to verify the log file is defined before throwing a message it does
not exist.


I will be happy to generate a new patch against the CVS HEAD with this 
if everyone is agreeable, or I can make any changes once I understand
what is wrong with my logic :)

- Ryan

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