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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Merging patches...

From: Rob Landley
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Merging patches...
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 11:18:11 -0400
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On Sunday 08 October 2006 5:41 am, Romain Francoise wrote:
> Rob Landley <address@hidden> writes:
> > But the great thing about mercurial is _anybody_ can put up a tree,
> > and the people managing various trees can pull from each other just
> > like git.  So maybe if I collect together a bit somebody will fork off
> > a better one.
> Neat.  The Debian package carries a number of "upstream" patches, you
> might want to merge them.  See http://people.debian.org/~rfrancoise/tcc/
> or just
>  hg incoming static-http://people.debian.org/~rfrancoise/tcc/tinycc-debian

Cool.  Will do.

I've got to go through the last year and a half of the archive, since the fix 
I needed was a year old but hadn't been merged yet, and in the past few weeks 
a couple interesting patches have floated by, who knows what else the archive 

Oh, and I dunno if this ever made it to the list:

I've seen people submit patches as vi scripts, and I've done it myself as sed, 
but his patches to tcc are written in _perl_ and it'll take some staring to 
figure out whether or not they've already been applied. :)

Never bet against the cheap plastic solution.

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