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Re: [Tinycc-devel] __aeabi_idivmod & __aeabi_idiv are undefined

From: Christian Jullien
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] __aeabi_idivmod & __aeabi_idiv are undefined
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 07:23:23 +0100

I started to implement (some) of __aeabi missing functions, yet in C (see 
It is the right direction to go?

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Sent: lundi 12 novembre 2012 06:44
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Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] __aeabi_idivmod & __aeabi_idiv are undefined

Tcctok defines the following __aeabi_xxx functions:
     DEF(TOK_memcpy, "__aeabi_memcpy")
     DEF(TOK_memcpy4, "__aeabi_memcpy4")
     DEF(TOK_memcpy8, "__aeabi_memcpy8")
     DEF(TOK_memset, "__aeabi_memset")
     DEF(TOK___aeabi_ldivmod, "__aeabi_ldivmod")
     DEF(TOK___aeabi_uldivmod, "__aeabi_uldivmod")
     DEF(TOK___aeabi_idivmod, "__aeabi_idivmod")
     DEF(TOK___aeabi_uidivmod, "__aeabi_uidivmod")
     DEF(TOK___divsi3, "__aeabi_idiv")
     DEF(TOK___udivsi3, "__aeabi_uidiv")
     DEF(TOK___floatdisf, "__aeabi_l2f")
     DEF(TOK___floatdidf, "__aeabi_l2d")
     DEF(TOK___fixsfdi, "__aeabi_f2lz")
     DEF(TOK___fixdfdi, "__aeabi_d2lz")
     DEF(TOK___ashrdi3, "__aeabi_lasr")
     DEF(TOK___lshrdi3, "__aeabi_llsr")
     DEF(TOK___ashldi3, "__aeabi_llsl")
     DEF(TOK___floatundisf, "__aeabi_ul2f")
     DEF(TOK___floatundidf, "__aeabi_ul2d")
     DEF(TOK___fixunssfdi, "__aeabi_f2ulz")
     DEF(TOK___fixunsdfdi, "__aeabi_d2ulz")

are defined in ./libgcc/config/arm/* files from gcc source code.

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From: Thomas Preud'homme [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: dimanche 11 novembre 2012 20:18
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Cc: Christian Jullien
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] __aeabi_idivmod & __aeabi_idiv are undefined

Le dimanche 11 novembre 2012 19:53:27, Christian Jullien a écrit :


> I get
> tcc: error: undefined symbol '__aeabi_idiv'
> tcc: error: undefined symbol '__aeabi_idivmod'


> Changing int to unsigned int results in:
> tcc: error: undefined symbol '__aeabi_uidiv'
> tcc: error: undefined symbol '__aeabi_uidivmod'

> Now the question:
> Is it expected to link with libgcc.a ? What other __aeabi_xxx 
> functions are missing?

I don't know but I could look at the source to make a list. I don't have much 
time now though.

> Could we add them in libtcc.a ?

I guess I could write easily suboptimal functions for integer manipulation. If 
some functions are needed for float manipulation it might require me more time 

> If tcc is expected to replace gcc, imho it should not use any gcc 
> specific lib.

yes indeed. It should support both modes.

> I've also checked that no .a exist in /usr/lib having those missing 
> functions.
> Christian


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