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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Fw: Ready for Release 0.9.27

From: Vladimir Vissoultchev
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Fw: Ready for Release 0.9.27
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2017 20:08:42 +0200

Basicly yes, it's only useful for someone who does not have gcc installed on
Windows but is using MS toolchain.

Let me try something as a last resort. I want to enhanced current
build-tcc.bat with more parameters to

  1. be able to produce config.h (for pre-build step)
  2. compile libtcc1.a (for post-build step)
  3. copy ../include files into win32/include (for post-build step)

. . . and call it from the VS solution on build project.

Btw, the projects getting outdated does not break them as most of .c files
are included only as "includes" to be
easier to open in the IDE and are not treated as compile sources at all.

The other main option is to scap the folder altogether and it will probably
be the better decision. This way 
"entry to participation" in mob will be to at least install gcc on Windows


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Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Fw: Ready for Release 0.9.27

Vladimir Vissoultchev wrote:
>> * can someone please check & possibly fix the MSVC solution files in
>>   win32/VS2015?   Otherwise I'm tempted to remove that folder.
> Just fixed project files in mob to generate config.h from VERSION as a 
> pre-build task, so solution should compile ok on fresh checkout (w/o 
> running build-tcc.bat beforehand).

Thanks.  However I'm still not convinced that we should keep that, seen that
it's an entire folder with 4 files just for the effect of two simple command
lines, such as:

   cl ..\libtcc.c -Felibtcc.dll -DTCC_TARGET_PE -DTCC_TARGET_I386
       -O1 -Zi -GS- -MT -W2 -LD -nologo -link -opt:ref,icf

   cl ..\tcc.c -Fetcc.exe -DTCC_TARGET_PE -DTCC_TARGET_I386
       -O1 -Zi -GS- -MT -W2 -nologo -link -opt:ref,icf libtcc.lib

Plus there are still problems:

* it easily gets outdated (and obviously already is since we have
   the new i386(etc)-link.c files)

* AFAICS it does not generate libtcc1.a,

* it does not create the tiny_xxx tools

* it does not copy the ../include files into win32/include
   (which is necessary for a working compiler)

So after all it's still far away from creating a working compiler from fresh
checkout.  One could say: it is not useful at all.

Would you mind removing the folder?

> Btw, for win32 spawn quoting this article explains the problem and 
> offers a fix (ArgvQuote function)
> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/twistylittlepassagesallalike/2011/04/
> 23/eve ryone-quotes-command-line-arguments-the-wrong-way/

Yep, but I really don't want to go that far for now.  After all we still
want to use spawnvp and not a total replacement with CreateProcess that ends
up bigger than entire tcc.c.


--- grischka

> cheers,
> </wqw>

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