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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Possible release schedule?

From: Webmaster Hales
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Possible release schedule?
Date: Sat, 6 May 2017 10:49:11 +1000
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I have found 9.26 (current stable) to be riddled with bugs, and the latest git to be much more stable.  I would like to see a new release just because of that.

When I tried TCC 9.26 a couple of months back I was stuck in a hole of misleading compiler messages, strange crashes and executables with multiple personalities.  Basically nothing other than the bundled example .c files worked. 

I decided to join the mailing list on a whim, which showed me that the project was not dead at all (against first impressions).  Since then I've:

  • Installed a mingw toolchain
  • Downloaded snapshots from GIT
  • Worked out how to compile them with mingw GCC's shared libs statically included.

Now I have a version of TCC that works amazingly well, but I don't expect many people to make it this far or even see how useful this project is.  I suspect most will give up after trying 9.26.

Release early, release often!

Regards, Hales

(Also: a big thankyou for the new warning regarding __declspec(dllimport/export)!  Very much appreciated.  Do any of you live in Australia?  I'll send you some PREFERRED_DELICACY. )


Charles Lohr wrote:
I've been lurking here and there, but haven't seen any rabbling about a new release?  It's been several years and I really like the current mainline for my projects.  I'm hoping to use TCC in a rash of upcoming projects.  Any word if I might be able to direct people to 0.9.27? 

The latest I can see discussion on this is back from 2014!


Thanks for everything you guys do. TinyCC has become an amazingly useful tool and reaches far beyond what you guys are aware of!

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