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From: Csahok Zoltan
Subject: micromuf
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 21:28:18 +0100
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While working on improving the handling of WWV messages
I did some digital archeology and found that the propagation
display (Ctrl-P) is a straight port of MICROMUF.PAS, a MUF/LUF tool
from the 80s. It was originally written in Basic then translated
to Pascal. Here one can still find both:
(replace X with http. I'm unable to post mails with links...)

I suggest to include the original credits to our source.

The Pascal version compiles on a 3.7 MHz Z-80 board in 8 seconds
and drawing the chart takes ~45 seconds. Not that what you'd want
to do during a contest. Those were different days...

For those interested in seeing CP/M and Turbo Pascal 3.01A in action
here is a 2 min screen recording:
At the end I swithed to TLF's Ctrl-P screen with the same settings
for comparison.

This page gives a good review of propagation prediction programs


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