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Thomas Beierlein: ADIF bug

From: Phillip Landmeier
Subject: Thomas Beierlein: ADIF bug
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 13:18:47 -0400

Hello Thomas.  I used TLF 1.4.1 for Field Day and it was great. Please keep up the good work.

However, upon exporting the log as ADIF, I discovered a bug. The exchange for Field Day is alphanumeric, like "3A STX", but TLF exports this using STX and SRX field tags. This is not legal ADIF. Please see the spec. here:

The SRX and STX fields may only contain a single numeric value and nothing else. To export an exchange like "3A STX" you must use the STX_STRING or SRX_STRING tags.

I noticed the problem because the exchanges were not importing to CQRLog. Examination revealed the malformed ADIF.

VY 73 DE Phil, KW2P

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