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From: Phillip Landmeier
Subject: IARU?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2021 23:50:02 -0400

Has anyone figured out how to do the IARU contest?  This is a popular contest in Europe so I was surprised there was no rule file for it.

Studying the rules file syntax, it seems that the IARU isn't do-able at present.  It could be.  TLF has a callsign prefix lookup table that identifies the continent. The zone number is part of the exchange.  TLF would have to be made aware of the user's zone number.  Given continent, user's zone, and QSO zone, contact points can be calculated.  Mults are zones per band.  This would solve most of the scoring.

An oddity of the IARU contest is the additional mults gained by working an IARU member station. An initial version could simply ignore this aspect of the contest, requiring hand-scoring of these mults.
I sure wish I had time to delve into this myself.

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