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Multi from Windows Box

From: Daniel Stolz
Subject: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:06:55 -0400
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At home I have a box running Windows 2000, Xemacs 21.4.5 (or something very close to that) and TRAMP 1.05 (from Xemacs package download).

I can successfully open a file on my work login machine using plink (PuTTY).

I tried to set up a multi method to connect to a machine at work that was not my login box.

(add-to-list 'tramp-multi-connection-function-alist
            '("putty" tramp-multi-connect-rlogin "c:\\putty\\plink %h %n"))


I get an error stating 'Cannot find /bin/sh' or something like that. The error appears immediately so I'm pretty sure it's looking for /bin/sh on my home box, not my work box. Both work boxes are running Linux.

I realize that this is not a complete bug report. What other information should I provide? What should I try to make it work?

As an aside, am I crazy or am I still getting e-mails from the sourceforge mailing list?

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