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Re: Multi from Windows Box

From: Daniel Stolz
Subject: Re: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:55:33 -0400
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Some tidbits:

1. I tried to do a non-multi (normal) file open to make sure I had putty
set up right.  I then did the multi open and it didn't work.
I restarted Xemacs and tried the multi open and it worked fine.  I'll
have to try that again to make sure something else wasn't the problem.

I tried it again and it worked this time.  It was user error the first time.

2. After opening the remote file, I clicked on the 'Open' icon in the
Xemacs toolbar that launches an Xemacs-style file open dialog.  With
normal Tramp, the current directory in that dialog is the remote
directory.  With multi, the current directory was on my local box.

I was wrong. From Windows, the current directory is the local box either with normal or multi. From linux, the current directory is remote either way. This is a Windows-Tramp issue, not a Multi-Tramp issue.

> and whether you can get a dired buffer.
I'm not exactly sure how to do this. I tried C-x-f and typed in a multi remote directory name and got a dired buffer. That worked. I could select a file within that buffer and visit it successfully.

And I forgot to test whether cmd.exe as tramp-sh-program messes anything
else up.

How was I supposed to do this again?

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