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tramp and cygwin-mount

From: Jason Dufair
Subject: tramp and cygwin-mount
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:16:48 -0500
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Hi Kai and all -

I've decided to try and get my NTEmacs working nicely once and for all. This includes, amongst other things, getting tramp and cygwin-mount to play nicely together. Currently, when tramp connects to the remote host (via sshx in my case), it tries to test for the existence of several paths/files, but somehow, the paths/files end up getting expanded by the cygwin-mount package and try to test for local cygwin dirs on the remote host.

I've figured out how to get the emacs debugger working and think I've found where the two get entangled. About 10 lines into tramp-handle-expand-file-name, there is a call to (tramp-run-real-handler 'expand-file-name (list name nil)). In the debugger, it shows that expand-file-name has a hook which calls cygwin-mount-name-hook-function which then bungles up the file name (i.e. ~ expands to my home directory on the local machine even though tramp is ssh'ed into a remote machine and is sending commands over there).

This is where the limits of my understanding of tramp and emacs and lisp hit the wall. Is there any way to allow tramp to make the call to expand-file-name without the cygwin hook?

Thanks for tramp and for any help.
Jason Dufair - address@hidden
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