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A few notes

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: A few notes
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 10:24:06 -0800
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I haven't played with tramp for quite a while.

So found my old cvs copy and grabbed the cvs command from 
Moved my tramp to trampX, then ran the cvs commands to get a new one.

First thing I noticed is that the README file contains no information 
about installation.

Second thing is there is no gnu style INSTALL file that contains
install information.

Ok, maybe just go to texi/tramp.texi and convert it to info to find
out about installation.

That fails because there is no 'tramp' directory yet.
That seems like a mistake to take the one place where install info
may be found, and render it unusable with out editing.

So I have three suggestions.
Only because it is not self apparent that simply running `make' will
do all I needed... (it did or does, but who'd know it?)

1) A reference in README to INSTALL file:

  `(see INSTALL file for install information)'

2) Include an `INSTALL' file something like:

      In many cases, all that is required is running `make' at the 
      top level of tramp directory.
       cd ~/tramp/
  2)  If that fails do this:
        cd ~/tramp/texi
      if makeinfo is installed, run:
        makeinfo tramp.texi
      else open tramp.texi in emacs and run the command:
        M-x makeinfo-buffer
      Then find the install section of tramp (the newly create
       info file) with either:
        info -f ./tramp
        in emacs C-u C-h i <RET> ./tramp <RET>
   Currently, several parts of 2) above will fail.
   tramp.texi is set to write to ../info, which isn't created yet. So
   if user needs 2) above, it will fail.
   Then even if one edits tramp.texi or just creates the `info'
   directory,  the created  file isn't readable with 
   `info -f ./tramp'  it fails with 
   `Can't find top dir'
   Emacs info reader has no problem with it though.

3: Include the info directory in the distribution intead of relying
   on make to create it.  That way point 2) would mostly work.

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