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Re: tramp-2.0.29 tramp.texi fails on copyright, Again

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: tramp-2.0.29 tramp.texi fails on copyright, Again
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:33:51 +0100
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Charles Curley <address@hidden> writes:

> Not in the report I cited above. He reported the following:
>   test -d ../info || mkdir ../info
>   makeinfo --footnote-style=end --no-split -o ../info/tramp tramp.texi
>   texi2dvi tramp.texi
>   This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.1)
> and being tossed into an ed-like editor.

Well, err.  I saw that he mentioned it, and I also saw the ed/ex
output.  But I knew where it was coming from: the Makefile has some
voodoo to auto-update the version numbers in tramp.el and
tramp.texi.  Said voodoo involves ex or ed.

But I only saw the output from the ed/ex call.  I didn't see that he
was "tossed into" the editor.

So let's talk about what happened to you.  Did you end up in ed or ex
and did you have to type "q" to exit it?  Or did you just see the
ed/ex output?
A turnip curses Elvis

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