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Re: Documentation for XEmacs users:

From: ned
Subject: Re: Documentation for XEmacs users:
Date: 04 Mar 2003 18:49:07 -0500
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Hunter Kelly <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi there, I just came across Tramp, and it looks very useful.  I'm an
> XEmacs user, however, and I have just spent a very frustrating 3 hours
> trying to get XEmacs to work with Tramp, only to realize that it worked
> all along.
> The problem was that nowhere in the documentation is it clear that in 
> XEmacs you have to use /[blah]/path/to/file to get things to work,
> so I was continually trying /blah:/path/to/file and getting big fat nil
> because of EFS.

How did you install it?  If you build it under an XEmacs installation,
the right info will be automatically put in the info files.

You probably had info files from a GNU Emacs installation.

BTW, your assumptions about syntax are correct.

Ned Ludd

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