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Re: Tramp and sudo

From: Björn Lindström
Subject: Re: Tramp and sudo
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 01:42:22 +0200
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address@hidden (Kai Großjohann) writes:

> Ah, hm.  Please (setq tramp-debug-buffer t) [this might be the
> default] and then do it again and send the *debug tramp/foo* buffer.

Here it is (the ^[ in the last line is a literal escape):

# Opening connection for `root' using `sudo'...
# Waiting for prompts from remote shell
# Waiting 60s for prompt from remote shell
# Found remote shell prompt.
$ exec env 'ENV=' 'PS1=$ ' /bin/sh
# Waiting 30s for remote `/bin/sh' to come up...
exec env 'ENV=' 'PS1=$ ' /bin/sh\n[[Regexp `\(^[^#$%>
]*[#$%>] *\|^[^#$%>
]*[#$%>] *\(^[\[[0-9;]*[a-zA-Z]\)?\)\'' not found in 30 secs]]

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