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Re: ftp & multi-hop?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: ftp & multi-hop?
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 11:23:36 +0100
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"sp1ff" <address@hidden> writes:

>> One could allow out-of-band methods as _last_ hop only. This would
>> reduce the logic to 2 connections. And for methods like ftp and smb it
>> wouldn't make sense otherwise.
> I'm looking at `tramp.el', and I'm wondering if we could define a
> method that would do just this.  I.e. only be permitted as the last
> hop, and use ftp (or any out-of-band mechanism, I suppose).  I suppose
> we'd need to define an action that could be handled by
> `tramp-process-multi-actions', yes?  Or would this be a real kludge?
> I'm new to `tramp' ...  BTW - what's 'smb'?

I guess the out-of-band method would require new actions for
multi-hop. Just adding the method to the existing handler wouldn't be

`smb' stands for "Server Message Block", that's the protocol MS Windows
(and Samba) offer.

>> It's a nice idea to map 
>> /multi:ssh:address@hidden:ftp:address@hidden:/path/to.file
>> on Ange-FTP gateways. Worth a try.
> Well, according to the docs, in order to get the gateway option to
> work with `ange-ftp', one has to:
>    Using NFS and symlinks, make sure that there is a shared directory with
>    the *same* name between the local machine and the gateway machine.
>    This directory is necessary for temporary files created by ange-ftp.
> That's not going to happen in my case.

I hoped setting `ange-ftp-gateway-tmp-name-template' to a Tramp
filename would work already. Doesn't seem so. Needs further investigation.

Best regards, Michael.

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