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Please help: syntax for touch needed

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Please help: syntax for touch needed
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 20:23:44 +0100
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Here is a very easy way to help with Tramp: tell me about the syntax
of the touch command on your system.

I've looked at GNU/Linux (Debian woody), FreeBSD (-current) and
Solaris (2.6) and it seems that they all allow me to say

    touch -t /path/to/file

It's interesting that the seconds are preceded by a dot.

Caveat: I've only read the manpage, not actually tried it.

How can you help?

If you have access to a different Unix, please tell me if the above
command also works there.  IMB AIX and SGI IRIX are often systems that
behave differently than other Unices.  If it doesn't work there, do
these systems allow for specifying the modtime at all?  How?

Another thing you could do is to test whether the above command
actually works.  I'm *so* lazy...  Hm.  Not too lazy: now I tested it
on GNU/Linux.


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