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Release process, syncing with Emacs

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Release process, syncing with Emacs
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 17:43:29 +0200
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I have the nagging feeling that chaos is setting in regarding the two
branches and the Emacs merges and the release process in general.

Of course, I'm the sole source of chaos, so I'm the one to blame.

But rather than blaming myself, I'm turning for help.

Currently, there are a stable branch and the trunk where new
development happens.  I also decided that I would like to keep Emacs
in sync with the stable branch.  (Likewise for XEmacs, where I have
invested too little, aka zero, work recently.)

I thought that every stable (2.0.x) release of Tramp would be moved
into Emacs, and every Tramp change from Emacs would be incorporated
into the trunk and stable branches.

But then it turns out that little patches went into Emacs between
2.0.x releases.  Not good.  Luckily, I only got one reject on the
last merge.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the fact that release
entries need to be made in the ChangeLog files.  But I think those
ChangeLog entries could be done automatically.  Perhaps I can write a
Makefile target for them.


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