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Connection Problem

From: Stefan Hoops
Subject: Connection Problem
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 13:52:55 -0400

Hello All,

I successfully installed tramp (2.0.43) with NT-Emacs (GNU Emacs
21.3.1) and cygwin ssh. I configured it so that I can contact several
servers. It works for all but one. On that server I get the following: 

tcgetattr: Not a typewriter
Connection to calvin closed.

Process *tramp/sshx address@hidden finished

Additionally I attached the tramp related messages. I suspect it is a
setup problem on the remote machine related to stty. Any help is greatly


Stefan Hoops, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Scientific Computing
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute - 0477
Virginia Tech
Bioinformatics Facility I
Blacksburg, Va 24061, USA

Phone: (540) 231-1799
Fax:   (540) 231-2606
Email: address@hidden

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