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Re: Hanging at mime-encode on Win2K -to- Tru64

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Hanging at mime-encode on Win2K -to- Tru64
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 23:53:20 +0200
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Nelson E Ingersoll <address@hidden> writes:

[Sorry for being late, I was offline last week]

>   I performed this test.  Alas, unless tramp-chunksize is set to 127 the
> connection hangs.  Even once the connection is made, if I change the
> sleep-for value the "save" still takes 1-2 minutes to complete.  This
> appears to be a Windows hang outwardly.  Control finally will return to
> the window.  Any other thoughts or ideas?

Could you or somebody else hanging around provide me a temporary
account on a Tru64 machine? I should be able to access it via ssh,
going there with Tramp from my machine. Then I'ld like to debug the
problem, because you are not the first one who has reported problems
with Tru64.

> - Nelson ...

Best regards, Michael.

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