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From: Randall Grady
Subject: Re[7]:
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 19:36:40 +0000

Massive Gains Alert For Monday December 19th
The Solvis Group 
$10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended Sept. 30, 2005


Price: .07

Huge PR Campaign For Mondays's Trading SLVG Is it Going to Explode Higher From 
Here? If You Think So, Climb On Board!!

RECENT NEWS: Go Read The Full Stories Right Now!!

1)The Solvis Group Announces $10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended 
Sept. 30, 2005
2)The Solvis Group Announces Plans to Distribute Global Food Technologies Stock 
to Its Shareholders
3)The Solvis Group Strategic Alliance Agreement With SSL Expected to Provide 
$25 Million in Additional Revenues in 90 Days

Watch This One Trade on Friday! Huge Revenues for a Little Stock, Right? Radar 
it Right Now...... Go SLVG.

Informtion within this emil contins 4rwrd l00king sttements within the mening 
of Section 27 of the Securities ct of nineteen thirty three nd Section 21B of 
the Securities Exchnge ct of nineteen thirty four. ny sttements tht express or 
involve discussions with respect to predictions,expecttions, beliefs, plns, 
projections, objectives, gols, ssumptions or future events or performnce re not 
sttements of historicl fct nd my be Fo rwrd 1o0king sttements.4rwrd looking 
sttements re bsed on expecttions, estimtes nd projections t the time the 
sttements re mde tht involve  number of risks nd uncertinties which could cuse 
ctul results or events to differ mterilly from those presently nticipted. swith 
mny microcp stocks, tody's compny hs disclosble mteril items you need to 
consider in order to mke n informed nd intelligent investment decision. These 
items include:  nominl csh position nd  going concern opinion from its uditor.  
It is n operting Compny. Thecompny is going to need finncing. If tht finncing 
does not occur, the  compny my not be ble to continue s  going concern in which 
cse you could lose your entire in-vestment.  The publisher of this newsletter 
does not represent tht the informtion contined in this  messge sttes ll mteril 
fcts or does not omit  mteril fct necessry  to mke the sttements therein not 
misleding. ll informtion provided within this emil pertining to in-vesting, 
st0cks, securities must be understood s informtion provided nd not investment 
dvice. Remember  thorough due diligence  effort, including  review of  compny's 
filings when vilble,should be completed  prior to in_vesting. The publisher of 
this newsletter dvises ll reders nd subscribers to seek dvice from  registered 
professionl securities representtive before deciding to trde in st0cksfetured 
within this emil. None of the mteril within this report shll be construed s ny 
kind of in_vestment dvice or solicittion. Mny of these compnies re on the verge 
of bnkruptcy. You cn lose ll your mony by investing in this st0ck. The 
publisher of this newsletter is not  registered investment dvis0r. Subscribers 
should not view informtion herein s legl, tx, ccounting or investment dvice. In 
complince with the Securities ct of nineteen thirty three, Section 17(b),The 
publisher of this newsletter is contrcted to receive twenty th0usnd d0l1rs from 
 third prty, not n officer, director or ffilite shreh0lder for the circultion 
of this report. Be wre of n inherent conflict of interest resulting from such 
compenstion due to the fct tht this is  pid dvertisement nd is not without 
bis.The prty tht pys us hs  position in the st0ck they will sell t ny time 
without notice. This could hve  negtive impct on the price of the st0ck, cusing 
you to lose mony.Their intention is to sell. ll fctul informtion in this report 
ws gthered from public sources, including but not limited to  Compny Press 
Releses. Use of the informtion in this emil constitutes your cceptnce of these 

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