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tramp-find-file-exists-command problem with ntemacs

From: Patrik Jonsson
Subject: tramp-find-file-exists-command problem with ntemacs
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:34:01 -0800
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Hi all,

I've been using tramp successfully for years with emacs v21, and just
decided to try v22, downloaded from
There seems to be some problem.  When I try to autocomplete a remote
file, I get:

tramp: Finding command to check if file exists
tramp-find-file-exists-command: Couldn't find command to check if file

If I try to find a file that I know exists, I get

tramp: Finding true name for
tramp: Check /home
tramp: file attributes with ls: /plink:governator:/home
tramp-handle-file-attributes-with-ls: End of file during parsing

and the tramp debug buffer contains

sh: nil: command not found

Is this a known problem and is there a solution? Tramp worked fine in
21.3 so there is no problem with test or whatever it uses on the other
end to test for existence.


/Patrik J.

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