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Re: how to troubleshoot tramp on windows

From: Paul Gatewood
Subject: Re: how to troubleshoot tramp on windows
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 17:14:15 -0400
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Michael -- thanks very much for the response.

I actually got this working and am sorry I was so busy I did not follow up my 
own posting with the results.

The problem seems to have been with my definition of the variable 
Even though I kept changing it, thinking it had to be the problem, the changes 
never made a difference.

Then I thought to exit emacs (something I don't do regularly!), thinking maybe 
the process which had been spawned retained the earlier value.
Once I restarted (having followed the other steps outlined in the document I 
it worked fine.

Now, in emacs, I only use the following 3 lines of elisp:
   (require 'tramp)
   (setq tramp-default-method "plink")
   (setq shell-prompt-pattern "^.*\\$ ")
and then I can use the syntax
(as argument, say, to dired), after which I am prompted for the password, and 
then I get the normal dired listing.

In case it helps anyone else, I also got derailed once when I found out the variable of 
PATH used for cmd.exe (windows xp) was getting clobbered by some remote process.  Our 
workstations are managed by a central group who often "push" updates, etc. to 
individual workstations.  It took me a little while to figure out that this was 
happening, as well.

Thanks again, for your response, and for providing such a useful package!


Michael Albinus wrote:
Paul Gatewood <address@hidden> writes:


When I try to open a file, e.g. using the syntax:
I get the following output in the buffer
    *debug tramp/plink address@hidden (sorry the output is wrapped):

    1File error: [[Regexp `^///92fb9be1e1d8535b966a60c6d8167761
?$' not found in 10 secs]]


11:01:52 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # home-directory undef
11:01:52 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # process-name nil
11:01:52 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # last-cmd-time (17985
57341 550000)
11:01:52 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # process-name nil
11:01:52 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # remote-echo nil
11:01:52 tramp-send-command (6) # echo are you awake

This is not the complete Tramp debug buffer. The "are you awake" message
is sent once a connection was opened already, and a new command has been
sent after a while.

For analysis, I'ld like to see the whole debug buffer after a fresh
Emacs start and a new Tramp connection attempt. This shall reduce side

It would simplify the analysis if you would send your bug report via M-x
tramp-submit-bug. This provides additional information.

Best regards, Michael.

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