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xemacs tramp

From: Peter Gordon
Subject: xemacs tramp
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 12:52:57 +0300

The story goes like this. I was using Fedora 5 with ange-ftp - it was fine.
I have upgraded to Fedora 7 and I can't seem to get ftp access going:
eg /address@hidden:/var

It gives me: Invalid operation: Process not open for writing, #<process "*ftp 
address@hidden" pid 5353 state:exit>

So I started using tramp instead. It works well, except that when I open a 
file, it is marked as changed. What I need is 
for the file to be marked as unchanged when I first open it, and only when I 
make a change should it be marked as changed.

Is there a patch or a workaround?



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