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Re: Tramp completion doesn't work like ange-ftp

From: Matthew Donaldson
Subject: Re: Tramp completion doesn't work like ange-ftp
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 21:38:23 +0930
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the pointer. I have downloaded tramp 2.1.9, installed it and put it in my load path in front of the old tramp. Tramp-version now confirms I am using 2.1.9, but I still get the same behaviour when trying to complete - I can't get the completion of the hostname and user name from typing / plus the first few chars of the username. I have tried with partial completion mode on and off. Am I missing something?



Michael Albinus wrote:
Matthew Donaldson <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Michael,

Hi Matthew,

Now I want to open a file on the remote host again.  What I could do
in ange-ftp is this:

C-x C-f /use<TAB>

and it would complete it to:


And I could go on from there to get the file I wanted.

This was very useful when dealing with long host names and/or long
usernames, as it saved typing the username and hostname combinations
all the time.

Now I got it.

Yes, this is indeed the behaviour of Tramp 2.0, as shipped with Emacs
22.1. The reason is that Tramp performs a lot of additional completion
attempts, and it passes functionality to ange-ftp only in case it
knows it must be handled by ange-ftp (after the ":", in your case).

In Tramp 2.1, this behaviour has been improved to something similar
you've used to apply with native ange-ftp. Tramp remembers connections
once they have been used, and offers corresponding completions. But
this Tramp version won't be bundled with Emacs 22.x, I suspect.

So if you want get back the old ange-ftp behaviour in Emacs 22.1, you
could keep a ~/.netrc file with valid entries. Sorry for the



Best regards, Michael.

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