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Re: Tramp completion doesn't work like ange-ftp

From: Matthew Donaldson
Subject: Re: Tramp completion doesn't work like ange-ftp
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 22:49:17 +0930
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Hi Michael,

The trace is enclosed. Not sure if you wanted me to trace all of this, but what I did was basically this:

C-x C-f /address@hidden:/ <TAB>
(asked for password)
Used filename completion to complete public_html
Opened index.php3
Then I did C-x C-f ~/.login
Then I tried this:

C-x C-f /mc <TAB>

which in ange-ftp would have found my connection to /address@hidden:/ and completed it to that.

Let me know if you just wanted the trace for that last bit, and I can make a trace with just that in it. This trace is pretty large!



Michael Albinus wrote:
Matthew Donaldson <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Michael,

Hi Matthew,

I can't get the completion of the hostname and user name from typing
/ plus the first few chars of the username.  I have tried with
partial completion mode on and off.  Am I missing something?

Don't know. Just send me the function call traces. You can enable them by

  (require 'tramp)
  (require 'trace)
  (mapcar 'trace-function-background
          (mapcar 'intern
                  (all-completions "tramp-" obarray 'functionp)))
  (untrace-function 'tramp-read-passwd)
  (untrace-function 'tramp-gw-basic-authentication)

Then run your test. The function call traces are inserted in the
buffer `*trace-output*'.



Best regards, Michael.

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