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File Encoding Problem

From: Charles Gordon
Subject: File Encoding Problem
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 09:11:32 -0700

I've just upgraded to using tramp-2.1.10 on emacs-22.1, where I was previously using the tramp that came with it (I think 2.0). With the previous version, everything worked fine, but I couldn't get any tab completion on files and directories. After the upgrade that works fine, but now I'm getting file encoding problems. Previously it was defaulting to using uuencode on my remote Linux host to encode files. Now it is using the perl-encode-with-module command. However, the perl version on the remote Linux machine in /usr/bin/perl is so ancient that this fails on some files with characters that have the high bit set.

There is a version of perl on the remote host (which is a company host, so I can't really change the default perl version) that would work. I've added it to tramp-remote-path, but that puts it at the start of the path, and tramp searches backwards through the results, so it still gets /usr/bin/perl every time. I haven't found a way to tell tramp that I want it to use uuencode instead (like it used to), and I'm not quite good enough with elisp to find the right place to modify this behavior. Can someone help me out with this, or at least point me to where I would want to start modifying things? Is there a config option for things like this that I'm missing?

Charles Gordon

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