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Re: [tramp-devel] Trying to debug remote gdb issue

From: Abhijeet More
Subject: Re: [tramp-devel] Trying to debug remote gdb issue
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:53:41 -0400

On 10/14/07, Abhijeet More <address@hidden> wrote:
> [snip]
> I don't have access to my setup right now (its at work) - but as far
> as I can remember - the body (that tries to fetch the correct property
> remotely) doesn't get evaluated.
> I shall take a look tomorrow and send you a trace.

Okay - here's what's happenning: when I set a breakpoint the file I
set a break point on is fetched. The buffer is not displayed - However
if I do change to that buffer I can see the red dot gud puts in.
Now if I step through the program, the source buffer should be
displayed with an arrow next to the line to be executed - but this
doesn't happen. The buffer is not displayed.
The traces are huge - I gave up trying to figure out the relevant data
from them ( tried with tramp-verbose = 6..10).
Am currently trying to 'edebug' to see what's going on:
I have a few questions:
 How does file-exists-p call tramp-handle-file-exists-p? Is it set up
as an advice? I couldn't see any defadvice for this.
Also there's a utility function called tramp-gud-file-name - when is
this called?
I set a break on this function (edebug) and traced through a 'C-c C-n'
in gud-mode - but this function wasn't called.


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