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vc-file-clearprops error on Win32

From: Kyle VanderBeek
Subject: vc-file-clearprops error on Win32
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 18:44:16 -0700
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I'm trying to get tramp working on Win32.  I'm starting from the
official emacs 22.1.1 build.  I found that filename completion didn't 
work on the version of tramp that came along with that build, so I'm 
trying to upgrade to something newer.  Both tramp 2.1.11 and CVS HEAD 
solve the completion problem.

However, both give me a new error after having transferred the files 

Tramp: Waiting for prompts from remote shell
Tramp: Found remote shell prompt on `'
Wrote c:/DOCUME~1/kylev/LOCALS~1/Temp/tramp.4972ogk
vc-file-clearprops: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Can anyone reproduce this?  Does anyone have a fix or workaround for
this?  I'd like to potentially use vc stuff over tramp, but am also 
willing to turn it off just to get this working.

Any help is appreciated!

  Some people have a way with words, while others... erm... thingy.

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