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Re: tramp fails for su when not having English prompt

From: Christian Faulhammer
Subject: Re: tramp fails for su when not having English prompt
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 18:33:56 +0100

Michael Albinus <address@hidden>:

> Christian Faulhammer <address@hidden> writes:
> > A user reported a problem with tramp and su after an upgrade of
> > Linux-PAM and libpwd in
> > <URL:>.  We boiled it
> > down to a problem with the prompt of su not being in English.  The
> > regexp in tramp-password-prompt-regexp only catches English output,
> > so calling su with LC_ALL=C works perfectly fine.
> `tramp-password-prompt-regexp' is a user option intended for
> customization. Localized prompts could be defined here.

 Yes, and we as packagers want a nice out of the box
configuration...such a redefinition done by a majority of our users is
not acceptable.
> However, the appended patch might solve the problem as well. Could
> you, please, (let) test?

 And it works perfectly, thank you very much for your fast reaction.
Tramp delivered with GNU Emacs has the same problem I assume?  We will
apply this patch for our testing branch (2.1.11) users and will report
problems if there should be any.


Christian Faulhammer, Gentoo Lisp project
<URL:>, #gentoo-lisp on FreeNode


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