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Re: plink to a CentOS box

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: plink to a CentOS box
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 10:28:08 +0200
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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

> Stewart Bryson <address@hidden> writes:
>> I haven't had any issues with Tramp in a long time, which is why I am a bit
>> confused by my inability to get to any of our new CentOS boxes, which is
>> very much like Red Hat.
>> After entering the password... the window simply hangs and is
>> non-resposponsive, until I Control G.
>> Below is the contents of the debug window:
> Could you, please, also show the contents of the buffer
> *tramp/plink address@hidden

... and what happens if you open a CMD window and apply

    plink dbddw -l dbddw  -ssh && exit || exit

Best regards, Michael.

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