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multi hop syntax

From: Bart Bunting
Subject: multi hop syntax
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 10:19:39 +1000



I am struggling with the  Tramp Default Proxies Alist setting.


I have simple things working like sudo on remote machines.  Having read the documentation and had a search through the list archives I still can’t quite understand enough to do what I’m trying to do.


I am hoping that if I explain it here someone may be able to assist me with the correct settings:


I have a group of machines which are only accessible by sshing to a host and then sudoing to root before sshing on to the final destination.


So if we say we have the machine proxyhost and a set of machines who are all called <machine>.vpn.

To get to somemachine.vpn I do the following:


Ssh to proxyhost

Sudo to root on proxyhost.

Ssh to somemachine.vpn.


I’ve been using the customize interface to set the Tramp Default Proxies Alist.


Could someone explain how it is possible to set things up so I can access files on somemachine.vpn using tramp.


Thanks in advance!




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