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Re: Tramp hanging (forever?) when saving

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Tramp hanging (forever?) when saving
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 21:45:28 +0200
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Kirk Strauser <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using Emacs from Ubuntu's upcoming Karmic release with Tramp 2.1.16
> compiled and installed this morning.  Whever I try to save one particular
> file, Tramp always hangs.  Sometimes I can re-save it with a different
> method (ie switching from /ssh: to /sftp: or /scp:), but sometimes that
> will also fail or even corrupt the remote file.
> The remote host is FreeBSD with zsh, and I've followed the advice in the
> FAQ for such setups.  Even changing my shell to /bin/sh doesn't help
> matters, though.  Here's a truncated log, verbosity 10, of trying to save
> a file.  From past experience I'm confident that I could have let it try
> for a hour with no difference except for the number of repeated lines at
> the end.

FreeBSD is known to have a bug in `process-send-string', which you seem
to suffer from (search for "FreeBSD" in tramp.el, there are comments
about). According to your traces you have sent off the list, Tramp has
recognized FreeBSD on your remote host, and it has switched to a mode
sending strings in chunks of 500 bytes.

That is not sufficient in your case. There seem to be the following options:

- Reduce the chunksize to a smaller value. Set `tramp-chunksize' to 100
  or so - you must experiment. Because the chunksize is cached, you must
  apply `tramp-cleanup-connection' first, before re-establishing the

- Set `tramp-copy-size-limit' to 1, in order to urge out-of-the-band
  copy even for files smaller than 10KB (your example file has
  ~9KB). This avoids sending large chunks of base64 encoded strings.

Best regards, Michael.

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