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Re: Tramp-IMAP works and needs testing

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Tramp-IMAP works and needs testing
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 13:11:51 +0200
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Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:

> I need to do more cleanup, but at least this version is usable.  The
> next release will be for wide release and will go into Tramp itself, so
> PLEASE test this version and let me know if you find problems.

I've played a little bit around:

- Several functions in `tramp-imap-file-name-handler-alist' are not
  implemented yet.

- I doubt there will be implementation for `shell-command',
  `executable-find', and `process-file'. I've disabled them in

- You have used `tramp-debug-message'. I recommend to use
  `tramp-message' instead, the verbose levels allow a better analysis of
  the debug buffer.

- `tramp-imap-handle-file-directory-p' must not return nil in all
  cases. When I apply (save-buffer), the imap folder is checked for
  being a directory. As workaround, I've changed
  `tramp-imap-handle-file-directory-p' to return `t', but it must be
  more precise.

- When I have opened "/imap:address@hidden:/INBOX.test/1", and try to
  save it under the name "/imap:address@hidden:/INBOX.test/2", I get

  Debugger entered--Lisp error: (none "bad name 1 or mailbox INBOX.test/2")
  signal(none ("bad name 1 or mailbox INBOX.test/2"))
  tramp-error(["imap" "albinus" "localhost" "/INBOX.test/2/1"] none "bad name 
%s or mailbox %s" "1" "INBOX.test/2")
  (if (and name (imap-mailbox-select mbox)) (let (sname) (tramp-debug-message 
vec "looking for '%s'" search-name) (dolist ... ... ...)) (tramp-error vec 
(quote none) "bad name %s or mailbox %s" name mbox))
  (let* ((mbox ...) (name ...) (truename ...) (search-name ...) res) 
(tramp-debug-message vec "selecting mbox %s" mbox) (if (and name ...) (let ... 
... ...) (tramp-error vec ... "bad name %s or mailbox %s" name mbox)) res)
  (save-current-buffer (set-buffer (tramp-imap-buffer vec)) (let* (... ... ... 
... res) (tramp-debug-message vec "selecting mbox %s" mbox) (if ... ... ...) 
  (with-current-buffer (tramp-imap-buffer vec) (let* (... ... ... ... res) 
(tramp-debug-message vec "selecting mbox %s" mbox) (if ... ... ...) res))
  tramp-imap-get-file-entries(["imap" "albinus" "localhost" "/INBOX.test/2/1"] 


- I've fixed a small error in `tramp-imap-handle-delete-file' and

- `tramp-retrieve-data', used in `tramp-imap-handle-file-local-copy',
  does not exist.

- In `tramp-imap-passphrase-callback-function', you use the non-existing
  variable `v'.

- The email address of stored messages looks like "a real one", one
  could try to send messages there. Better might be to use an invalid
  address as defined in RFC 2606, like "Tramp-IMAP

My current patch is appended. Now I must go; my kids want to see HP6.

> Ted

Best regards, Michael.

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