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Re: imap-hash.el and tramp-imap.el

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: imap-hash.el and tramp-imap.el
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:48:07 -0500
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On Thu, 24 Sep 2009 12:38:43 +0200 Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote: 

MA> Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:
MA> * imaps didn't work for me any longer. I've patched
MA> `tramp-imap-make-iht' until it worked ... maybe my sledge-hammer patch
MA> could be done more elegant. There is still an error message in the
MA> mini-buffer when opening the IMAP folder, but it doesn't seem to hurt.
>> Looks OK.  I haven't tested imaps thoroughly and it's not crucial to
>> releasing IMO.  The approach is OK; I want the clients of imap-hash.el
>> to modify the IHT as needed after it's created, so it can carry extra
>> information as appropriate to the particular client.

MA> I have polished my change a little bit. The default port numbers are
MA> kept now in `tramp-methods', like it is done for other methods as
MA> well. And I also update the user tag in the structure.

OK.  We'll assume Tramp's version of tramp-imap.el is authoritative from
now on, and I'll commit my updates there.

MA> This I have fixed. However, there is still the warning for
MA> `tramp-imap-get-message-headers. You could check the source code; this
MA> function does not seem to be defined, indeed.

OK, I'll make a patch for this and also to reflect Reiner's comment
about the message-mode body separator.

MA> I really would like to add tramp-imap.el to the CVS repository. I test
MA> on different machines, and the current situation is inconvenient for
MA> me. Do you agree for a checkin?
>> That's fine now, it's sufficiently presentable and maintaineable.
>> Latest attached for your review; no changes other than the require 'assoc.

MA> Thanks. There seems to be a misunderstanding; 'assoc needs to be
MA> required in imap-hash.el, not in tramp-imap.el.

Oops.  I'll make the change in the imap-hash.el that's going into Emacs.

MA> I have added tramp-imap.el to Tramp's CVS now. It is also loaded from
MA> tramp.el, when imap-hash.el is available. There are some other cleanups
MA> I have applied before checkin; you might check whether there is
MA> something I have misunderstood ...

OK, something to do over the weekend.

MA> In tramp.texi, I have added some short sentences about imap and imaps
MA> methods. I'm not so good in documentation; maybe you find a better
MA> wording.


MA> With XEmacs, we could wait until it is requested. Tramp hasn't even been
MA> upgraded to 2.1 in the XEmacs package repository (due to license
MA> reasons), so I'm a little bit lazy to work on it. Of course, I won't
MA> protest if somebody else works on the XEmacs part :-)

MA> I will continue to test tramp-imap.el. And likely, I will add an
MA> implementation for `tramp-imap-insert-directory'; I'm using dired a lot.

Wonderful.  I'll soon improve imap-hash.el to add SEARCH when the :test
key is set in the IHT, instead of FETCH, so only the matching messages
are retrieved.  Also I need to fix the error when a nonexistent mailbox
is specified.  If you see any other issues, please let me know.


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